Your Fermenting Journey All in One Place!

All the knowledge you need to support and develop the instinct vital for confident, advanced fermenting.

Over 1000 Fermentistas have learned with us, you're in the right place.

We take the guessing (and the googling) out of your learning journey. 

Brand new to fermenting?

It's hard to know where to start! Within the first hours of training, you will be  making fermented vegetables and drinks, and seeing how these microbes transform your foods.

Advanced Fermenter?

We'll ensure your foundational knowledge is comprehensive and help you develop your gut instinct for microbes - this is what truly takes your fermenting to the next level.


your fermentation journey all in one place

Does this sound like you...?

  • You love to cook and want expand your repetoire with ferments.
  • You have digestive issues & want to do something positive for your gut health.
  • You have a vegetable garden and want to preserve your produce.
  • You're already following a healthy lifestyle & want to add ferments to your meals.
  • You want to integrate all the lovely ferments you've developed into your cooking.

Our fermentistas love.....


Reading posts on social media, getting inspired to make their own, and sharing ideas with each other as their imagination grows in confidence.


Honouring fresh produce by finding new ways to preserve their foods for longer.


Expanding their repertoires with the new and unknown, working with the seasons and developing new flavours.


Experimenting with new ideas, getting it wrong, trying again, and perfecting their recipes until their results are consistent.


....provide you with the knowledge and skills needed so you will have guaranteed results when you create your own ferments.

....teach you everything you need to know in the provided topics so you can create a large array of delicious ferments to radically improve your meals.

....provide you with everything you need to know so you can develop a gut instinct to expand your fermenting repertoire.

....teach you everything you need to know so you have the confidence to apply the knowledge and experiment with the full range of techniques.


Learn how to ferment vegetables, drinks, uplevel an unhealthy diet,
preserve vegetables from your garden.

There's so much you'll learn and even more ways to apply all that knowledge - you're only limited by your imagination!

Ready to dig in? Let's explore the course structure:



The Wild Pulse Method

Learning a new skill takes time, and focus - often our students find themselves struggling to keep up with a timed course, so we introduced a full access schedule meaning you can go at your own pace. So if you're feeling tired or too distracted to really focus on the videos you can stop and pick the course back up again another time.

It's scary to work with microbes at first. It's complicated and there's lots of rules to follow regarding packing the jars, the right salt, making salt brines, working with percentages, it takes a lot of mind concentration at first.


We've created the right balance of inspiration and step-by-step tutorials so you become more and more confident, and less over-whelmed as the course progresses and we'll help you source and organise the correct fermentation equipment.

Know that it's common to find it all a little overwhelming at the start but the results are exponentially worth it, as our students will tell you.





If you are excited to give fermentation a go but you don't know if you'll like it, we're offering select modules of our course so you can have a go. Choose from vegetable fermentation, drinks, kimchi, and koji. Create your first ferment within hours.


Single Modules

8-16 lessons








This is the perfect fermentation foundational course for you to build upon. There is a huge amount of knowledge in this first step of our course (see included modules above) and you'll have a vast choice for ferments to create.


Fermentation Foundations

46 Lessons




 Foundation &




Everything you need to become a seasoned fermentista. See included modules above. Even if you have knowledge in some areas already, our promise is that you'll learn something new in all topics. This is really a deep dive into fermentation.


Foundations & Advanced

78 Lessons




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from clients and customers who have gone through our courses.

Fran and Darren do an excellent job of walking you through the basics of fermentation and showing how to make hot sauce. This has really piqued my interest in further learning about the possibilities of home fermentation. They are concise and focus on what's most important and I was pleased to learn so much in such a short period of time. As a native Texan living in Europe for over a decade, I miss having a huge variety of hot sauces readily available and am excited to start experimenting with my own hot sauces for a taste of home!


Hot Sauce Course

The Hot Sauce course was a great enrichment for me as a long-time fermentation enthusiast. Despite many studies and my own experiments, I was still able to take away a lot and will do some things differently with the next batch of hot sauce. This is especially commendable because the course is not unnecessarily long, but compactly and effectively conveys a lot of knowledge in a short time. I also found the background information and classifications of fermentation helpful once again. I can definitely recommend the course, both for beginners and advanced.



Being a dedicated chilli sauce lover, I was excited to watch this course on fermented chilli sauces. The concept is fascinating, and the course is well-paced, informative and easy to follow. You don't need to have any previous experience of making chilli sauces, just a love of spice and an inquisitive palate. Highly recommended as a starting point for the amazing world of fermentation.


Founder of the London Chili Sauce Championships

The fermentation workshop with Franziska was a great experience. She can explain a lot of information in a clear and simple way. It is amazing how many different things you can do with fermentation. We liked the kimchi preparation the most, mixing the cabbage with the paste with your hands is just so satisfying! Thank you for a great evening


head of food scouts of food company (Felfel)

Thank you very much for the informative and exciting fermentation course. Thanks to your easy to understand explanations and the insight into your experiences, I was able to learn the craft well. Your joy in fermenting was transferred to the course participants and I immediately ordered WECK jars and bought a Beurer scale. The fresh and crunchy vegetables now have to watch out for me. :-) And I'm already looking forward to trying out all the delicious recipes you've given me and will certainly be attending your KIMCHI course soon.


Fermentation offline workshop